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Monthly Sustainable Cash Flows: September 2018

Summary Sustainable funds close September having achieved another high point with $321.9 billion in assets under management, up $11.4 billion of which $10.99 billion,...

ESG Liquidity Fund Targeted to Institutional Investors Offered by DWS

Summary DWS launched an institutional money market fund that integrates environmental, social and governance considerations while at the same time employing exclusionary screens. This $329.3...

Monthly Sustainable Portfolios Performance Summary: September 2018

Summary Buoyed by robust economic growth and strong corporate earnings, the S&P 500 Index eked out narrow gain of 0.57% in September even as...

The SUSTAIN Equity Fund Index Gained 0.27% in September but Lags S&P 500

Summary Buoyed by robust economic growth and strong corporate earnings the S&P 500 Index eked out a narrow gain of 0.57% in September even...


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Sustainable Funds Reporting Round Up-March 2018

The Round-Up is not intended to cover all semi-annual and annual reports filed during the course of the month, but rather to offer a...

Sustainable Investing Reporting and Disclosure Practices at the Fund Level Should Include Outcomes

Sustainable Investors Should Have a Way to Track and Evaluate Fund Outcomes Sustainable investors who seek to achieve a positive societal outcome with their investments...

Second Quarter 2018 Sustainable Funds Investing Review

Summary • The second quarter ended as the 2018 proxy season was entering its final weeks, notable for the high level of environmental and social...

MBTA Set to Issue First Ever Tax-Exempt Sustainability Bond – A Research Note

Tax-Exempt Sustainable Bond by MBTA  The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) announced on September 18, 2017 that it is planning to issue about $574 million...

Sustainable Portfolios Performance Summary: March 2017

Equity Markets Push Higher, Delivering Strong 1Q Results; Fixed Income Pauses The US equity market pushed higher, but adding the smallest monthly gain so far...

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