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Monthly Sustainable Portfolios Performance Summary: July 2018

Summary S&P 500 Index recorded best gain since January, up 3.72%, while bonds posted an increase of 0.02%; SUSTAIN Large Cap Equity Fund Index...

SUSTAIN Large Cap Equity Fund Index Up 3.93% in July 2018, Leading S&P 500...

Summary Market Summary: S&P 500 records best gain since January, up 3.72% as strong corporate earnings combined with the anticipation of robust economic growth...

Private Prisons and Divestment: Issues and Alternative Approaches

In an Opinion article published in The New York Times entitled “More Cities and States Should Divest From Private Prisons,” Scott M. Stringer, comptroller...

Second Quarter 2018 Sustainable Funds Investing Review

Summary • The second quarter ended as the 2018 proxy season was entering its final weeks, notable for the high level of environmental and social...


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SUSTAIN Equity Fund Index Performance: A Decline by 0.18% in April while Trailing S&P...

Summary The SUSTAIN Equity Fund Index declined -0.18% in a Volatile April, trailing the performance of the S&P 500 by 56 basis points. U.S. stocks gain...

Sustainable Portfolios Performance Summary: March 2017

Equity Markets Push Higher, Delivering Strong 1Q Results; Fixed Income Pauses The US equity market pushed higher, but adding the smallest monthly gain so far...
ESG Analysis

Recent Coverage Focused on Three Widely Held Firms Offers Investors Insights into Sustainable Strategies

Amazon, General Electric and Wells Fargo Attract Negative Coverage Recently and Challenge Sustainable Investors Last weekend three prominent publicly listed companies,, Inc. (AMZN), General...

Sustainable Fixed Income Mutual Funds Expanding With New Managers and Offerings

Introduction and Summary Over the course of the previous two calendar years, the greatest number of sustainable fixed income or bond mutual funds and share...

Sustainable Portfolios Performance Summary: September 2017

Positive Economic Data and Corporate Earnings Push S&P 500 to New Records Global equity markets discounted ongoing geopolitical risks and instead responded to positive economic...

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