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Monthly Sustainable Cash Flows: September 2018

Summary Sustainable funds close September having achieved another high point with $321.9 billion in assets under management, up $11.4 billion of which $10.99 billion,...

ESG Liquidity Fund Targeted to Institutional Investors Offered by DWS

Summary DWS launched an institutional money market fund that integrates environmental, social and governance considerations while at the same time employing exclusionary screens. This $329.3...

Monthly Sustainable Portfolios Performance Summary: September 2018

Summary Buoyed by robust economic growth and strong corporate earnings, the S&P 500 Index eked out narrow gain of 0.57% in September even as...

The SUSTAIN Equity Fund Index Gained 0.27% in September but Lags S&P 500

Summary Buoyed by robust economic growth and strong corporate earnings the S&P 500 Index eked out a narrow gain of 0.57% in September even...


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BlackRock Lowers Fees on Three Equity ESG Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

In a filing with the Securities & Exchange Commission as of August 4, 2017 BlackRock Fund Advisors recorded substantial reductions in the expense ratios...

Sustainable Fixed Income Mutual Funds Expanding With New Managers and Offerings

Introduction and Summary Over the course of the previous two calendar years, the greatest number of sustainable fixed income or bond mutual funds and share...

Monthly Sustainable Cash Flows: June 2018

Sustainable Funds End June at $285.9 Billion, Adding $1.9 Billion but Experiencing an Estimated $375.2 Million in Net Outflows The net assets of 1,025 sustainable...

Sustainable Portfolios Performance Summary: December 2017

Summary Stocks recorded new highs throughout the year. The S&P 500 Index posted a full year total return gain of 21.83% while emerging markets delivered...

Sustainable Portfolios Performance Summary: April 2017

Late Month Rally Helps Stocks Achieve 1.03% Gain; Bonds Add 0.77% A rally late in the month helped stocks achieve a gain of 1.03%,...

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