Sustainable Invest - Socially Responsible Investing Analytics and Research
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Independent Research and Analysis

Offering independent and objective research, analysis and portfolio implementation strategies for the benefit of investors who wish to incorporate sustainable practices into their short-to-long term investing plans

Achieving a Positive Societal Impact

Supporting investors and financial intermediaries striving to achieve a positive societal impact with investment strategies that encompass varying approaches ranging from values based, exclusions, impact, thematic, environmental, social and governance (ESG) integration as well as shareholder/bondholder advocacy

Sustainable Alpha Investing

Providing insights intended to help drive positive societal impacts, aligned with individual sustainable goals and objectives, consistent with the realization of market-based financial results

Trends and Developments

Delivering a regular stream of research updates focused on sustainable investment strategies and products, including, investment management firms, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), stocks and bonds as well as other securities or assets.  

Investment Research

From sustainable investing basics to trends and developments to asset allocation and investment strategies, we provide independent research and investment insights intended to help investors as well as financial intermediaries to achieve their sustainable objectives consistent with the realization of market-based financial results.  This involves detailed, bottom up evaluations that, at their core, are designed to differentiate the myriad of sustainable practices which, when combined with investment considerations, management skills and low costs, can lead to positive outcomes. 

Investment Products

The number and type of sustainable investment product offerings, such as mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), as well as individual securities, have been evolving and expanding in recent years.  These are expected to proliferate as the popularity of sustainable investing continues to gain traction among investors.  We provide in-depth analysis focused on the sustainability attributes of these securities and product offerings along with their financial performance and sustainability impacts over time

Portfolio Construction

Our research helps investors order their financial and sustainable goals and objectives so that these may be implemented via the deployment of some combination of securities, passively managed funds as well as actively managed investment funds to take advantage of market segment inefficiencies, and the selection of skilled managers that can combine financial and sustainability considerations.

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Independent Sustainable Investment Research

About Sustainable Investment

The Sustainable Investing website endeavors to achieve this objective by assisting investors and intermediaries to streamline and simplify the research process and overcome the limited independent research and selection of product offerings available in the market today.