Alger Funds


    Funds Group: Alger Funds
    Management Company: Fred Alger Management, Inc.
    Funds Affected: Alger Responsible Investing Fund
    Principal Sustainable Investment Strategy: ESG Integration
    The fund invests in equity securities of companies of any size with an environmental, social and governance (ESG) rating of BB or above by MSCI (or an equivalent rating by another ESG rating agency) that also demonstrate, in the view of the adviser, promising growth potential. Fred Alger Management, Inc. employs fundamental analysis to identify innovative and dynamic companies and uses MSCI’s ESG ratings to consider how such stocks rank within an industry or sector based on a company’s conduct in offering products or services that promote positive environmental, social and/or governance policies, or have a positive impact in these areas, addressing concerns such as climate change, resource depletion, health and safety, employee relations and diversity, bribery and corruption, and fostering board diversity and structure. The fund does not bar companies in any industries.