Funds Group: BlackRock

    Management Company: BlackRock Fund Advisors

    Funds Affected: iShares Global Clean Energy ETF

    Principal Sustainable Investment Strategy: Thematic Investing


    The fund seeks to replicate the investment performance results of the S&P Global Clean Energy Index which tracks the performance of approximately 30 of the most liquid and tradable securities of global companies involved in clean energy related businesses. The index constituents includes clean energy production companies, and clean energy equipment and technology providers, and the Fund is concentrated in the clean energy industry. For these purposes, “clean energy” sources include biofuel and biomass, ethanol and fuel alcohol, geothermal energy, hydroelectricity, and solar and wind energy.

    The fund’s corollary documents provide metrics sourced to MSCI that (1) attempts to quantify the underlying fund’s holdings to manage key medium and long-term risks and opportunities arising from environmental, social and governance factors (ESG Quality Score) and (2) seeks to reflect the extent to which company revenues is exposed to products and services that help solve the world’s major social and environmental challenges in the form of a sustainable impact percentage.