Knights of Columbus Funds


    Management Company:  (1) Knights of Columbus Asset Advisors LLC, Sub-Adviser-Boston Advisors LLC, (2) Knights of Columbus Asset Advisors LLC.

    Funds Affected: (1) Knights of Columbus International Equity Fund, Knights of Columbus Large Cap Growth Fund, Knights of Columbus Large Cap Value Fund, Knights of Columbus Small Cap Fund, (2) Knights of Columbus Limited Duration Bond Fund, Knights of Columbus Core Bond Fund

    Principal Sustainable Investment Strategy: Values Based, Exclusions


    The funds make investment decisions consistent with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Socially Responsible Investing Guidelines (the “USCCB Guidelines”). There are six major themes included in these guidelines:

    • Protecting human life
    • Promoting human dignity
    • Reducing arms production
    • Pursuing economic justice
    • Protecting the environment
    • Encouraging corporate responsibility

    The funds therefore are designed to avoid investments in companies that are believed to be involved with abortion, contraception, pornography, stem cell research/human cloning, weapons of mass destruction, or other enterprises that conflict with the USCCB Guidelines. The policies and practices of the companies selected for the funds are monitored for various issues contemplated by the USCCB Guidelines.