LKCM Funds


    Funds Group: LKCM Funds
    Management Company: Luther King Capital Management Corporation.
    Funds Affected: LKCM Aquinas Catholic Equity Fund
    Principal Sustainable Investment Management Strategy: Religious/Ethnic, Exclusions, Shareholder Engagement
    The fund practices socially responsible investing within the framework provided by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Socially Responsible Investment Guidelines. The Catholic Guidelines reflect the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ investment guidelines with respect to companies that engage in, participate in, or otherwise support activities related to, among other things, abortion, contraceptives, embryonic stem cells, human cloning, human rights, weapons production, and pornography. The fund’s investment approach incorporates the Catholic Guidelines through a combination of screening portfolio companies based on criteria set forth in the Catholic Guidelines, dialogue with companies whose policies and practices conflict with the Catholic Guidelines, and/or potentially excluding from the Fund’s portfolio the securities of those companies that are unwilling to alter their policies and practices over a reasonable period of time. The fund’s adviser monitors companies selected for the fund for policies on various issues contemplated by the Catholic Guidelines. If the fund invests in a company whose policies and practices are inconsistent with the Catholic Guidelines, the adviser may attempt to influence the company or sell the company’s securities or otherwise exclude future investments in such company.