New Alternative Funds


    Fund Complex: New Alternatives Funds

    Management Company: Accrued Equities, Inc.

    Funds Affected: New Alternatives

    Sustainable Investing Strategy: Thematic

    Summary: The fund invests in equity securities of companies in the alternative energy industry.  Alternative energy means the production, conservation, storage and transmission of energy to reduce pollution and harm to the environment, particularly when compared to conventional coal, oil or nuclear energy. In selecting investments for the fund, the investment advisor selects securities for purchase or sale by subjectively balancing factors such as the investment’s relationship to the fund’s areas of interest and concentration, the perceived risk of the investment, and the current value of the security. The investment advisor also considers the perceived prospects for the company and its industry, with concern for economic, political and social conditions at the time. In addition, the investment advisor considers its expectations for the investment based on, among other things, the company’s technological and management strength. The investment advisor may consider investments in new technologies intended to provide a clean and sustainable environment.