Putnam Investment Funds


    Fund Complex: Putnam Investment Funds

    Management Company: Putnam Investment Management LLC

    Funds Affected: (1) Putnam Sustainable Future Fund* and (2) Putnam Sustainable Leaders Fund*

    Sustainable Investing Strategy: ESG Integration, Impact Investing


    Putnam believes that companies whose products and services produce positive environmental, social and economic development impact also often demonstrate strong financial growth and profitability. Accordingly, in selecting investments, Putnam considers the extent to which a company’s products or services may provide solutions that directly impact sustainable environmental, social and economic development. Environmental impact may include, for example, reduction of carbon emissions and improved water quality. Social impact may include, for example, fair labor practices and responsible supply chain management. Economic development may include, for example, stakeholder analysis and shared value approaches to business practices. It is likely that the metrics and measurements that Putnam uses to evaluate environmental, social and economic development impacts will continue to evolve over time.


    Putnam believes that companies that exhibit leadership in sustainable business practice also often exhibit more profitable, durable financial returns with lower risk profiles. Accordingly, in selecting investments, Putnam focuses on companies that we believe have a demonstrated commitment to sustainable business practices. This commitment may be reflected through environmental, social and/or corporate governance (ESG) policies, practices or outcomes.


    *Prior to 3/31/2018, the funds were the Putnam Multi-Cap Value and Growth funds.