Saturna Sustainable Funds

Fund Complex: Saturna Sustainable Funds

Management Company: Saturna Capital Corporation.

Funds Affected: Saturna Sustainable Bond Fund and Saturna Sustainable Equity Fund

Sustainable Investing Strategy: ESG Integration, Exclusions


The funds invest in equities and bonds of issuers located throughout the world that the funds’ adviser believes demonstrate sustainable characteristics. For purposes of this investment policy, the funds’ adviser considers issuers with sustainable characteristics to be those issuers that are generally larger, more established, consistently profitable, and financially strong, and with robust policies in the areas of the environment, social responsibility, and corporate governance (ESG). The funds’ adviser uses an internally developed ESG rating system to identify issuers that the fund’s adviser believes demonstrate sustainable characteristics.

The funds’ adviser uses negative screening to exclude companies engaged in certain activities that the adviser believes present higher ESG risks, and employs quantitative screening and fundamental analysis to identify companies and other security issuers that demonstrate financial sustainability and positive ESG characteristics.


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