Vert Asset Management


    Fund Complex: Vert Asset Management

    Management Company: Vert Asset Management, LLC; Sub-Advisor: Dimensional Fund Advisors LP

    Funds Affected: Vert Global Sustainable Real Estate Fund

    Sustainable Investing Strategy: ESG Integration

    The fund intends to invest over 80% of its assets in securities of companies principally engaged in the real estate industry which meet the advisor’s ESG criteria, as follows: The advisor intends to take into account the impact that real estate companies have on the environment and other sustainability considerations when making investment decisions for the fund’s investment portfolio.  In assessing sustainability, the advisor may consider different metrics, including environmental, social, and governance criteria.  Some of the environmental criteria that may be considered include energy efficiency, water use, land use, biodiversity, emissions and pollution, waste, and risks due to climate change vulnerability such as flood risk, among others.  Some of the social criteria may be considered include employee policies and labor management, health and safety, tenant engagement, community relations and land use planning, among others.  Some of the governance criteria that may be considered include reporting and disclosure, board diversity and independence, executive pay, ethics, bribery and corruption, among others.  The advisor will engage third party service providers to provide research relating to sustainability criteria of the securities in the fund’s investment portfolio.