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Monthly assessment of trends and developments affecting the sustainable investing market segment as seen through the lens of mutual funds and ETFs. The Monitor tracks total net assets, fund flows, fund re-brandings, new fund firms, new fund launches, fund closures and performance results of sustainable funds.

A 1 page snapshot offering valuable insights into various aspects of the sustainable funds industry. Covering investment management firms, mutual funds and ETFs, sustainable investing strategies as well as other relevant happenings within the industry, the Vision Report casts a wide net and will vary as to subject from week-to-week. The Sustainable Vision Report is available every Monday morning

This compilation offers publicly listed investment management company senior management level perspectives on sustainable investing industry and company-oriented trends and developments, based on asset management company quarterly earnings calls/earnings announcement comments and Q&As specifically regarding the topic of sustainable investing. Coverage extents across large-to-small cap publicly listed asset management firms. Comments, which are presented in summary form in a quickly digestible format, are extracted from full earnings call transcripts as well as earnings announcements.

Weekly performance updates on each of the three sustainable (SUSTAIN) fund indices: The Sustainable (SUSTAIN) Large Cap Equity Fund Index, the Sustainable (SUSTAIN) Foreign Fund Index and the Sustainable (SUSTAIN) Bond Fund Index. The Indices track the total return performance of three sectors of the actively managed sustainable mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETF) market segment by combining like funds based on their investment and sustainable strategy approaches. In each instance, the indices follow the performance of the largest share class of the ten largest actively managed qualifying mutual funds and ETFs. Additional fund indices to be added over time.

A summary report published monthly that captures various events, such as new fund launches, fund closings, portfolio manager changes, adoption of new sustainable investing portfolio strategies, launch of new indices, and more. Coverage extends to a range of sustainable investment products, both public and private, such as mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), exchange-traded notes (ETNs), Unit Investment Trusts (UITs), closed-end funds and private equity funds. Compiled daily and published monthly within the first week following month-end.