Keeping you abreast of sustainable investing trends affecting mutual funds, ETFs, ETNs and other investment vehicles and their investing strategies

You receive access to research and tools to help you stay informed and up-to-date regarding trends and developments affecting asset managers and sustainable investment funds as well as research and tools to refine sustainable investing client profiles, their preferences and objectives.

What’s Inside?

Sustainable Investment Strategies Directory

A comprehensive directory of mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs), exchange traded notes (ETNs) and other investment vehicles that describes sustainable investment strategies pursued by each fund, ETF and ETN based upon disclosures in prospectuses and other offering documents. The directory is updated regularly to reflect the addition of new funds and modifications to existing sustainable strategies. Going forward, the directory will be expanded to include, wherever possible, additional details regarding each firm’s sustainable investing approach and methodologies as well as reporting and disclosure practices.

Monthly Cash Flow Reports

Reports provide a detailed analysis of monthly cash flows of sustainable mutual funds, ETFs and ETNs, including breakdowns by fund types, asset classes, retail and institutional investor types. The report highlights which fund groups are gaining or losing market share, which funds within fund groups are attracting or losing assets, new fund launches, re-brandings, changes in fund sustainable investing strategies and more.

Sustainable Investing Interactive Questionnaire

Our interactive questionnaire is a way to engage with investors on societal issues that are most important to them and to help prioritize their objectives. The output allows for an alignment of interests between an investor’s sustainability preferences (or group of investors in the case of 401(k) plans, for example), and alternative sustainable investing strategies and/or funds.

Meet Our Authors

Mr. Shilling has been working in the investment management industry for 45 years. He analyzed and published research on various investment vehicles. More recently while employed at Moody’s Investors Service, Henry initiated and coordinated Moody’s efforts to disclose and add transparency in research, ratings and analysis to the reflection of ESG risks.

Henry Shilling

Director of Research

Mr. Schoepke has over 35 years experience in the investment management and mutual fund industry. His background has focused on investment management oversight and due diligence, including manager selection and portfolio analysis. He has also been responsible for investment fund product and distribution strategy development.

Steve Schoepke

Director of Portfolio Research & Due Diligence

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