Free Webinar for Financial Intermediaries, Advisors, Planners, and B/Ds


Goal: To ‘ramp up’ your knowledge and understanding of sustainable investing and empower you to more effectively meet your clients’ needs.   
Date:   Thursday, November 15, 2018
Time:   10:00 am – 11:00 am (EST)


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Recent surveys find a growing interest in sustainable investing. Increasingly, retail investors are seeking funds and portfolios that are values-based and/or are aligned with their objectives to achieve positive societal outcomes, including environmental and social considerations.  This, according to surveys, is especially relevant for millennials and women.

At the same time, there is confusion among investors as well as financial intermediaries and other investment professionals over the meaning of sustainable investing.  This confusion extends to sustainable fund investment approaches, product structures, benchmarks, performance, reporting requirements and disclosure standards, to name a few. We hope to clarify some of these questions.


Henry Shilling

Henry has been working in the investment management industry or focused on the investment sector for forty-five years. More recently while employed at Moody’s Investors Service, Henry initiated and coordinated Moody’s efforts to disclose and add transparency in research, ratings and analysis to the reflection of ESG risks. Mr. Shilling is the author of The International Guide to Securities Market Indices published in 1996 and a contributor to Money Market Funds in the EU and the US published in 2014.

Steve Schoepke

Mr.Schoepke has over 35 years experience in the investment management and mutual fund industry. His background has focused on investment management oversight, building mutual funds, and related marketing and sales initiatives. In 1997, Steve moved to SunAmerica Asset Management where he was the Vice President of Research & Product Development. He was also responsible for manager selections for AIG retail funds globally. Recently, Steve worked at Allianz Global Investors as Senior VP of Investments.